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A Conversation with Cindy Lempke: Lempke Communications Principal and Owner

In what ways can Lempke Communications help small businesses with their marketing needs?

Lempke Communications acts as the marketing department or marketing arms of a small business. We partner with businesses to meet their unique needs with a tailored marketing and communications strategy. Our main goal is to meet the clients where they are, and help them achieve both short and long term goals. 

What, more specifically, does Lempke Communications do for clients?

We take care of content development needs and customer outreach. This includes a variety of customized marketing and communications services:

  • Writing

    • Website content​

    • Feature articles

    • Ghost writing

    • Email blasts

    • Electronic newsletters

    • Direct mail pieces

  • Branding consistency 

  • Maintaining relationship with customers

  • Social media campaigns

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Vetting proposals that come to businesses for sponsorship opportunities

  • Acting as a liaison between clients and local organizations

By utilizing Lempke Communications, how do small business owners benefit?

Small business owners wear a lot of hats - allocating time between making connections with new customers, managing their teams, maintaining the offices, making sure they have adequate insurance and infrastructure, just to name a few. While managing all of these simultaneously, marketing and communications often takes a backseat. Lempke communications works in partnership with the business owner, taking this responsibility onto our shoulders. We also are very conscious to make strategic decisions to allow clients to reach their goals in a cost-effective way. Our marketing/communications program is formulated to let the business succeed while staying within budget.

What are the different types of businesses that Lempke Communications works with or has worked with?

Rather than specializing in one type of industry, we have worked with multiple industry types, both in Colorado and out of state. Lempke Communications has experience with healthcare partners, local nonprofits, organizations related to the arts, and small businesses such as realtors, public accountants, and insurance agencies.

How does working with a variety of businesses provide an advantage for Lempke Communications and your clients?

The variety keeps us sharp and energized. It provides motivation to be creative and further reinforces the idea that there is not one cookie-cutter approach to branding. We are consistently focused on working closely with the individual businesses and learning what is going to the the most impactful marketing plan for them. I believe that the diversity allows us to maximize our effectiveness and produce truly custom-fit communications and marketing proposals.

How do you feel your involvement in the community helps your business and clients?

I enjoy keeping up with both local businesses and local nonprofits, and I think it benefits my customers. By being actively involved in the local chamber, serving on nonprofit boards, volunteering for fundraisers, and being part of Leadership Evergreen, I have gained valuable knowledge. I have met many small business owners and therefore gained a greater appreciation for the role they play in the community and the challenges they face. I also have built relationships with leaders and catalysts in the community. Exposure to these groups and their extensive networks helps to serve clients in the best way possible. 

How does your previous experience and background in the professional world benefit Lempke Communications and its clients?

I have led communications and marketing efforts in a variety of different environments. These include  a statewide association, a regional educational institution, state government, and a publicly traded national company. Through these experiences I gained knowledge and insight. A foundation was built for me to be able to best help clients. For example, having worked with a publicly traded business allows me to better help financial businesses. I can serve those in the healthcare industry well due to my time with the Colorado State Health Department. All these experiences together led to the opportunity to found Lempke Communications.

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